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Free and Accepted Masons of Utah

Celebrating 123 Years of Masonry in the Tooele Valley

Rocky Mountain Lodge #11, Free and Accepted Masons of Utah has been located in various towns in the Tooele Valley for 122 years.  Rocky Mountain Lodge #11 was granted a charter on January 16th, 1900 under the dispensation of the Grand Lodge of Utah.  The name of the lodge pays almage to the first Masonic lodge charted in Utah, which was Rocky Mountain Lodge #205; granted a charter under the Grand Lodge of Missouri in 1859.  This lodge was located at Camp Floyd, Utah which is present day Fairfield Utah. 


The first lodge was located in Mercur, Utah (1900-1902) where brothers met in quarters above a store located on Main Street.  After the fire in 1902, the lodge moved to present day Tooele and met at various locations until a new lodge building was built in 1972 at the far sound end of Tooele City.  From that time, the Masons of Rocky Mountain Lodge have been active members of the community.  Masons are known for their charity and philanthropy, the lodge has helped many citizens, groups, and charities throughout the Tooele valley for 122 years and will continue to do so long into the future.

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